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Extracting & Burning Audio Files

The ability to extract and burn audio files is a must have tool for anyone who listens to audio on their computer, on CDís, or on DVDís. Extracting and burning are separate processes, but their combination provides users endless flexibility to do the following:

 Copy audio files from CD or DVD to MP3 or WAV computer files
  Burn MP3 and WAV files to CD

With these two abilities, you can create custom CDís with your favorite music, listen to your CD audio files on your computer without having to use the CD, create back up versions of your audio CDís or DVDís, make CDís from your downloaded music files, making them portable, and so much more.

Extractor and Burner is the all in one tool for your PC that supplies users the flexibility and benefits of both the extracting and burning process. Plus, our use of the latest technology provides users the same high quality sound found in the original music file. Extractor and Burner’s key features make it the ultimate tool for your audio file needs:

 “Drag and Drop” Interface makes using ExtractorAndBurner easy to use
File Selection Options allow users to customize the
tool to meet their needs
Multiple File Options allows extraction to WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis or WMA files
 Perfect MP3 decoding quality maintains high quality sound during burning process
Fast Encoding Engine enables users to extract any audio file from CD


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