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Adware Remover Gold protects you from the dangers of the internet, profiteers, and internet criminals. After downloading and using our product you will be protected from the thousands of SpyWare and AdWare internet surfers come across. Click here for our list of components your computer will be scanned for and be sure to check out all the features Adware Remover Gold has below.

System and Folder Scan
Remove Feature
Back up Tool
Start Up Manager
BHO Manager
Spy Uninstaller
Multiple Language Support

System and Folder Scan: Adware Remover Gold’s system allows the user to choose either a full system scan or select a specific folder to scan for known data mining, aggressive advertising, hijacking, and tracking components.

Remove Feature: After Adware Remover Gold has scanned your PC or folders for AdWare and SpyWare, you can choose to have all the components detected removed with just one click, choose to have certain items added to your ignore list so you can keep them, or choose to select specifically which components you would like to remove. You can manage your ignore list at any time and add or delete anything listed there, making Adware Remover Gold completely customizable to your needs.

Back up Tool: In case the user is unsure about whether or not to have a detected spyware or adware component removed from their computer, Adware Remover Gold lets users back up certain files. So if you later determine that you needed that component, it can be easily reactivated to serve its function.

Start Up Manager: Many programs automatically start running as soon as you open Windows. Using Adware Remover Gold’s Start Up Manager, you can clean up and remove any unwanted programs from auto-starting, often freeing up CPU for your computer.

SpyWatch: This tool allows you to monitor SpyWare and AdWare in real-time. Allows you to see what is being attempted to be installed on your computer or change your system. With the detailed logs you can also determine what websites or downloaded programs are attempting to find your personal information or install advertising products on your computer.

BHO Manager: Adware Remover Gold’s BHO Manager (Browser Hijacker Object Manger, can help users clear away those installed objects or modules that change browser settings, cause errors, reset home pages, and slow your browser.

Spy Uninstaller: Many surfers knowingly download programs for possible use, not realizing that the program is spying on them. Spy Uninstaller identifies which programs are used to gather your personal information and spy on your surfing habits, then allows you to uninstall those programs with just one click.

Languages: Adware Remover Gold is currently available in these languages:
· Arabic · Chinese · English · French · German · Italian · Japanese · Korean · Portuguese · Spanish

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