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Platform: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

System Requirements:
64MB, 20 MB hard drive space

Intel CPU with 350 MHz and MMX, or AMD CPU with 450 MHz and 3Dnow! or higher

Improve your system performance and peace of mind with Data Shredder Gold

With Data Shredder Gold, you can securely erase personal files and reclaim valuable disk space in one easy to use product.

Did you know that files can be placed on your computer without your knowledge and document every step of online activity?

Now you can scan your entire hard drive, locate these files, delete them permanently and recover your peace of mind, privacy and protection.

Protecting your online privacy is easy with these Data Shredder Gold features:

Drag and Drop Interface

Data Shredder Gold's "Drag and Drop" interface makes secure file deletion possible for anyone with basic PC knowledge. Plus, our email support staff is on call to help familiarize you with the features and functions of Data Shredder Gold.

Windows Integration:

Using Data Shredder Gold is even easier with Windows Integration. Without even opening the interface, you can right click on any file or folder and select the Data Shredder option from the menu. Secure deletion is made quick and simple!

Shred Options:

With Data Shredder Gold, you can perform a variety of options that allow you to shred empty drive space, recycle bin contents, files or entire folders. Plus, you can choose the level of secure deletion with either a one-pass, quick shred that overwrites the file once, or a multiple-pass, thorough deletion that overwrites the file up to 10 times.

Deletion Confirmation Feature:

To avoid hasty mistakes, Data Shredder Gold gives you a last step "warning" before deletion. This valuable feature gives you the option of saving files before they become deleted and completely unrecoverable.

Scheduler Option:

The easy to use scheduler allows you to select what files or folders you want deleted and set what time deletion should occur. You can also schedule your Recycle Bin to be shredded, making it easy for you to make sure your unwanted files are removed securely at your specified time.

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