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Features at a glance

 Easy to Use logic-based interface
 Delete and/or bounce spam e-mail and viruses
 View e-mail before it gets to your computer
 Customer Support Staff
 Customizable friends and black lists
 Works with POP3, MSN, Hotmail
 Pre-set fuzzy logic detects spam


Platform: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

System Requirements:
Pentium II above processor, 64 MB of RAM, 10 MB Free Space.

EmailSpamBlock is specifically designed to be easy to use and effective at the same time, giving you complete satisfaction. Reduce the amount of spam you receive daily, protect yourself from email viruses and inappropriate materials, and save yourself valuable time all with a few simple steps with EmailSpamBlock.

 Simple E-Mail Integration

EmailSpamBlock works seamlessly with your Hotmail, AOL, MSN e-mail acounts, as well as any POP3, IMAP or SSL e-mail account. Utilize EmailSpamBlock with multiple e-mail accounts by simply adding the new account information into the Tools->Accounts function. If you use Eudora, Outlook or other e-mail managers, you can automatically set up EmailSpamBlock to function in sync with your e-manager,


 Easy to use Menu Options

Using EmailSpamBlock is made simple with easy to understand and easy to use menu options. The “Check Mail” Menu option allows you to view your incoming e-mail while it is still on the server. From there, you just decide what e-mail is spam and when ready hit “Process Mail” and all the spam will be filtered out and black listed so you never see those e-mails again, and only the non-junk mail will hit your inbox.


 Customizable Friends and Black Lists

As e-mail comes in through EmailSpamBlock, users have the option to add those specific e-mail addresses to a “Friend’s Lists” where those e-mail addresses will never be flagged for spam, or add the e-mail address to their “Black List”. Once an e-mail address is black listed, users will never see an e-mail from that address ever again while using EmailSpamBlock. As an extra benefit, these lists can be customized simply by viewing and editing the Friends List or Black List Tab located on the side of the EmailSpamBlock interface.

-The Ability to add entire domains to the Friends List or Black List is built into EmailSpamBlock, providing you any easy way to ensure your friends are never mistaken as spam and that those repeat spammers are blocked from e-mailing you as much as possible

 E-mail Bounce Feature

The ultimate revenge for an e-mail user receiving unwanted to spam is to bounce the e-mail back to the sender, making them think the e-mail address is invalid and forcing them to deal with the e-mail bounce by removing your e-mail address from all their e-mail lists. E-mail bouncing is easily done with EmailSpamBlock by simply checking a box.

 Pre-set logic and Customizable Filters

EmailSpamBlock includes technology that logically flags spam e-mails as possible spam, making it easier for the user to make the final decision on its status. Plus, using the filters tab, users can set up automatic filters to block e-mails meeting the filter criteria.

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