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Evidence Cleaner Gold moves through your computer and sweeps away all traces of your Internet activities from both your operating system and browser and notifies you if someone is trying to spy on your activities! Protect yourself in real-time as well with the Evidence Cleaner Gold Hotkeys feature which allow you to hide all your private files with the tap of a key.

History Cleaner
Traces of your Internet usage are left every time you browse the Internet. Ensure that no one uncovers these private records by using Evidence Cleaner Gold’s History Cleaner:

Evidence Cleaner Gold covers all the bases of removing these history records, which includes many files that normally could not be deleted:

 Recent documents
 Temporary Internet Files
 IE URL dropdown
 Index.Dat Files (IE system file that displays URL’s you’ve visited)
 Recycle Bin
 Windows Temp folder
 Windows Clipboard

 Start-->Run drop down
 Find Files-->Drop Down
 Wordpad Recent Files
 Paint Recent Files
 Netscape Histories
 Netscape Cookies
 Netscape Cache
 Netscape URL drop Down
 RealPlayer Recent files
 ...and more!

Evidence Cleaner Gold’s History Cleaner also includes advanced features such as our Cookie Tin which allows users to select certain cookies to keep.

Surveillance Detection
People may be spying on you right now. Family members, co-workers, or even hackers can easily know your every move on your computer. Detect if your privacy is being compromised by using Evidence Cleaner Gold’s Surveillance Detection Feature:

Advanced features of this tool include:

 Detection of invisible keystroke, screenshot, and mouse recorders running on your machine
Alert system for when surveillance software is detected
 Program kill feature which instantly kills surveillance software
 Updated database of surveillance software will put your mind at ease knowing that future surveillance software will also be detected

Secure File Deletion

Do you assume that deleting a file means that others can no longer recover it? Not true.

Even after deleting a file from the Recycle Bin the file is not erased from the disk, rather it is just removed from the list of available files. These deleted files can even be recovered by inexpensive and easily accessed programs. These programs can determine what files used to exist by looking into the magnetically stored data on the computer hard drive.

The Secure File Deletion Tool will ensure your files are deleted even from the hard drive and never recovered.

Check out this tools features:

 Use of special magnetic patterns in order to delete files and data from the hard drive
 Easy to use drag and drop interface allows you to select what files to delete
 Directory feature allows you to delete entire folders quickly.

Windows HotKeys

Want to view private files, but afraid others may see you? Evidence Cleaner Gold has the solution for you with its Windows Hotkeys tool. This tool allows you to instantly hide any private files you are viewing with a simple key stroke or mouse click. These advanced features make HotKeys a must have:

 Straight forward interface helps you program your hot keys quickly and easily
 Hotkeys hides your private files, but allows them to run invisibly so you can easily return to them
 Hidden programs are also removed from the task bar so no evidence is left to be seen by those in site
 Hotkeys can also be used to mute your PC sound

By simply hitting your key stroke or mouse click combination a second time, your private files become visible again.

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