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Whether it’s a need to back up your audio compact discs or the desire to listen to your downloaded audio files in your car, ExtractorAndBurner is the product for you. Remember, this one download provides you with both the Extractor and Burner tool within one easy to use interface. Learn more about why ExtractorAndBurner is the product for you below in our features section.

 Easy to use Interface
 CD/DVD Extractor
 Multiple File Options
 Quality Control Features
 Perfect Mp3 Decoding

Easy to use Interface: ExtractorAndBurner features a “Drag and Drop” interface making the product easy to use for anyone with Basic PC knowledge. Plus, with our helpful e-mail support staff, we can easily help you familiarize yourself with ExtractorAndBurner’s Interface and use.

Compatibility: With ExtractorAndBurner’s ability to support virtually all CD-R and CD-R/W drives, high speed writing and reading, as well as Burn-Proof Technology you can be ensured that ExtractorAndBurner will perform at your desired level.


CD/DVD Extractor is a quick and easy to use program for recording digital audio tracks directly from CDs or DVDs without going through your sound card. This digital recording process enables you to make high-quality copies of the original audio files.

Multiple File Options: Extract audio tracks from CDs or DVDs to WAV, OGG Vorbis, WAV PCM or MP3

Quality Control Features: Our use of Direct Conversion, Jitter Correction and support of Multiple Data Rates, File Verification, and Variable Bit Rate Encoding make the extraction process even safer and faster.


Our CD Burner program burner is a “must have” software tool that enables you to create and customize normal audio CDs from your favorite MP3 or WAV files.

Perfect Mp3 Decoding: This feature ensures that you get the best sound quality on CD during the audio file transfer process.

Burner supports virtually all CD-R and CD-R/W drives, High Speed Writing, and Burn-Proof Technology making the product compatible with even the newest computer technology.

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