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The constant use of Windows, installing, running and removing different programs slows down your PC's operating system. System resources become strained and can quickly decrease the performance of your computer. PC Speed Booster increases your PC performance in just minutes with cutting edge technology that includes:

PC Speed Booster contains five easy to use tools all in one simple interface:

 Disk Fragmentation: maximize the speed of your computer
Registry Cleaner: streamline your Registry by removing invalid data
Obsolete File Scan: remove deleted and obsolete files taking up disk space on your computer
Start up Entry Cleaner: Improve Boot time by cleaning up your start up programs
Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser: erase all unwanted tracks left from internet surfing and downloads

Disk Fragmentation

The hard drive registry is an important component of your computer. The registry stores important information about your settings and installed applications. The constant installing and un-installing of programs causes your registry to become fragmented and full of deleted data. The Hard Drive Defrager lets you eliminate fragmentation, gaps and entries to improve your PC's system performance.

 Prevents Registry Corruption
Saves Memory
Increases System Response Time
Improves Boot Time
Improves Application Response Time

Registry Cleaner

After regular computer use, invalid data develops within your computer's registry. This is often caused by un-installed programs not removing entries or by tasks like viewing attached email files without saving to disk first. Invalid data is problematic for the registry because it causes clutter. Registry Cleaner finds and removes invalid data references and streamlines the Registry performance.

The Registry Cleaner and Fixers handles all of the following:

 Active X OLE COM and Uninstall Section
User and System Software Settings
Shared Download Sections
Fonts and Run Sections
Invalid File Association
Virtual Device Drivers
Application Paths

Obsolete File Scan

Junk and obsolete files accumulate on your hard drive wasting valuable disk space and causing errors. These unwanted files develop program errors, improper computer shut down or application crashes.

The Obsolete File Scan targets these junk files which are missed by common disk utilities such as Uninstaller, Defrag and Scandisk. By using Obsolete File Scan, you can protect yourself from the hazardous results of obsolete files.

Default and Optional Invalid File Searches:

Windows Temporary Files
Backup Files
 GID Windows Help Search Data
 Invalid Shortcuts
Visual Studio Junk files
 Zero-length Empty Files (optional)
 Unused Files (optional)
 Non-Accessed Files (optional)

Start Up Entry Cleaner

Sometimes, computer users suffer from slow re-boot time waiting for applications set to auto launch on start up. Pc Speed Booster's Start Up Entry Cleaner enables you to easily select the applications you want to launch upon start up.

Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser

As an added feature, PC Speed Booster includes a Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser. All your Internet actions are recorded behind the scenes by your computer and can be easily accessed, revealing private information about your surfing habits. Furthermore, files you have deleted Recycle Bin can be easily recovered. Use the Privacy Protector and Evidence Eraser to protect your confidential files and your internet privacy.

Securely Delete:

Windows and History Traces
Internet Related Traces
Explorer and Start Menu Traces
Files and Folder Traces

As an added feature you can set the Evidence Eraser for timed cleanings to ensure that your computer’s disk space is not being taken up by unneeded files.

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